Images of Fire Element

What feelings and thoughts do these images evoke for you?



This montage is something I created to help me remember several visions I was having about a year ago. They signify my journey through fires of adversity and the transformation of my soul. The angel and a rather incongruouss orca signify two guardian spirits who were with me at the time.

This image is on my laptop as backdrop to whatever I am doing. And it serves as a constant reminder that through adversity I have been forged in fire and now have the strength of hardened steel.




Fairies dancing on flower  Image created by NanLT using silk weave and photoscape

Fairies dancing on flower
Image created by NanLT using weave silk interactive and photoscape


Weave silk is a clever interactive website where you can create images, limited only by your imagination.

I think this image looks like fire fairies dancing on a flower.










Bonfires provide a fascinating look into how we have harnessed fire for our own purpose, yet it still remains a powerful force that must be respected.









The salamander is an alchemical symbol of the element of fire.







Hindu Yajna ceremony

Hindu Yajna ceremony



Fire is an integral part of many Hindu rituals.








Fire Ceremony in aleph neighborhood of “Eilat Tribe” of the Israeli Scouts Federation


Again showing the global use of fire for ritual and ceremony.


I enjoy reading your responses, so please let me know what you think.

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