Witchcraft Websites That I Could Recommend

Thursday’s Talking Point


This week’s talking point is meant to provide a glimpse of some of the websites which I have found and recommend to others on the subject of witchcraft. This list is by no means all-inclusive, and I am certain that in the coming weeks I will come across a website I have read in the past, and I will think, “Damn, I should have included this one!” and I am even more certain that at least one of you, my readers, will think — but why didn’t you include this site.


But, here we are. These are the sites that I have found over time, that I have bookmarked to revisit, and that I think are worth mentioning. And if you think I have left a site out, by all means – please, add a link in the comments section.


The Wiccan Rede: A Historical Journey


Several pages really, this links to a book written by John J. Coughlin exploring the history of the Wiccan Rede. While I am not Wiccan, and I do not follow the Rede as such, I have found it to be of great benefit to be able to study its origins.


UK Pagan Links


This is my go to place for finding Pagan related information that is UK focused.


Pagan Federation


I don’t necessarily agree with all of their politics, but the Pagan Federation has done a lot of work to improve the image of Paganism in the UK.


Museum of Witchcraft


Deutsch: Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle (vo...


If you are ever in Cornwall, UK then definitely arrange to spend a day in Boscastle at the Museum of Witchcraft. This museum houses the largest collection of witchcraft related items in the world. If you can’t go in person, then take the virtual tour offered via their site.




Another go-to place when I am searching for information on a more global scale.



And finally, a bit of blatant self-promotion these are some articles I have written on the subject of Paganism and witchcraft.


How to Find a Patron God or Goddess


Witch’s Journal: The Book of Shadows


Life Rituals











2 thoughts on “Witchcraft Websites That I Could Recommend

  1. I can certainly recommend not only it’s website but the actual Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle. It has quite a lot of interesting and historical items associated with witchcraft, and it’s also a great area to visit for all.

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