I’m Not Seeking Enlightenment (Revisited)

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Some time back, I wrote about how I am not seeking to become “enlightened” and how that isn’t a concept I use to describe myself.


Why I am Not Seeking Enlightenment


Today, I had the privilege of reading a blog post written by yogaleigh over at “Notes from the Bluegrass“. and one particular passage stuck out. You can read the entire post for yourself, Okay so I’m just not a Buddhist.


There was one bit that stuck out for me, where she is discussing the Buddhist concept of Enlightmentment.


I also had to note that the experts all agreed that the goal is enlightenment and, as I’ve mentioned before, somehow I can’t get that interested in enlightenment. I feel like I’m here now in this body and the point of this journey for me is to understand the fullness of my being–including my higher self–while in this body and on this planet and to walk my path with all the consciousness I am capable of amassing. I get that that might mean that one day in practice I may achieve enlightenment, I’m just saying I don’t care whether I do or don’t.


I gave a big cheer inside of myself when I read this. Yes! This is just it – I am living here right now in this body and I need to fully experience being here, in this body, in this place, right now. So thank you for putting into words something I have not been able to fully enunciate myself.





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