My Journey Into Hell and Coming Back

Or, where have I been for the past year!

Yes, I have seriously neglected not just this blog but all of my writing for the past 11 months. I can’t promise that I am fully back even now, but I am working towards that.

The reasons why I have been away are not something I will ever discuss in such a public forum. Suffice to say, I have made a Descent to the Underworld and had every part of my being stripped away leaving me laid bare, vulnerable, and with nothing. Actually, I was flung head first and without warning into the depths of the Underworld, and I am now rebuilding who I am and what I am about in life, and picking up the pieces of my life that remain, slowly but surely.

As part of this process of change, I have filed for divorce from my husband after 14 years of marriage. No, this was not an easy decision. No, there is not a chance of reconciliation. Yes, I am doing the right thing.

Doesn’t make it any easier.

I have had my beliefs as a Pagan woman questioned countless times by people who don’t understand, and clearly didn’t want to understand. This has served to reinforce for me just how right the Pagan path is for me.

In the midst of all the past year’s shit, I have been able to find comfort and strength from my relationships with the Gods and my Patron Goddesses. At times when I didn’t think I could fight yet another battle, it is They who held me up and said – You can do this!

For that, I am grateful.

So, for you my readers, those of you who still remain, I cannot promise to be here writing regularly, not just yet, but I will do my best to at least write something as I continue in this life journey and look towards discovering just who I am.








7 thoughts on “My Journey Into Hell and Coming Back

  1. You have never been far from my thoughts over the last year Nan. While I have no idea on half of what you have been through, it is enough to know that you have been to hell. I wish you all the very best on your journey to discovering yourself and getting back to a better place xx

  2. As one door closes another opens, you are now starting a new chapter in your life; ensure you write, or should I say imprint, exactly how you want your life to be. Create the best that you can and look on your experience as an opportunity to plant new seeds now that you have cleared the weeds away! I wish you every success in your journey and send you much love and healing. Blessed be my friend.

  3. I wondered where you were and hoped that whatever was happening, all would be well in the end. This still stands.
    You mentioned about standing up for what you believe in, what is your truth. Thanks for that, as I needed reminding of this!
    Blessings for you and may you (continue to) get the support you need.
    Happy to send you some distant Reiki if you need it. Give me a shout.
    Sue (inc. reikipeth, changes for me too!)

    • Thank you.

      I have received a lot of prayers and healing energy from people of all beliefs, and no beliefs from around the world. I will gratefully accept any healing energy you are willing to send.

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