Lamb chops with mint

It’s Kitchen Witch Wednesday and I thought I’d share the tasty little dinner I cooked up for myself the other night.

I’m the only person in the family who really likes lamb, so I thought I’d take advantage of the situation (and a sale) and cooked myself up a couple of lamb chops with new potatoes and sweetcorn.

To start, I bought the lamb through a local butcher. I know they’re few and far between, and rather a rare breed, but if you do have a local, independent butcher in your area, do consider supporting them.

double lamb chops

Double lamb loin chops


Don’t these lamb chops look delicious!

I firmly believe that when you have a good ingredient, you don’t mess around with it. Something as gorgeous as this deserves simple cooking so that your focus is on the flavour.

MintTo cook these chops, I first finely chopped a handful of mint. Use fresh if you’ve got it, but I had a bag full of mint I’d put in the freezer recently so I used a handful of that.

I rubbed the chopped mint, and a bit of salt and pepper into both sides of each lamb chop. One of these is plenty for 1 person but I was feeling a bit piggy, and I do love lamb, so I fixed two of them for myself.

I then heated up my cast iron skillet until it was smoking and added a small amount of oil. Waited a minute, then carefully laid each chop into the skillet and left it alone! for about 3 minutes.

Don’t move it around, don’t just lift it up to take a peak. Let it cook.

After it had about 3 minutes, I flipped the chops to let the other side cook

Plate this up and serve it along side some new potatoes and a fresh, seasonal vegetable.

I didn’t make a sauce to go with this dish, figuring the butter with the new potatoes would be plenty. Besides which, as I said, good food doesn’t need a lot done to it and these lamb chops tasted as good as they looked.


For those who think everything needs a sauce…

A basic mint sauce

  • 1 large handful fresh mint leaves
  • 1 spoonful sugar
  • about 1/2 cup malt vinegar, give or take

Get yourself a really, really sharp knife and finely chop the mint leaves. Partway through chopping sprinkle over the sugar and keep chopping until it is really, really tiny.

Scoop this up into a small tumbler. We use an old scotch glass.

Pour over enough malt vinegar to fill the glass about halfway.

Add a bit more sugar if it needs it.


Stir just before spooning some of this over your chop. It also goes really well over roast lamb, new potatoes, and fresh veggies.


I enjoy reading your responses, so please let me know what you think.

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