The Call to Cover

NanLT in Pagan head covering

A few months back, I read an article about Pagan women who choose to wear a headcovering as part of their religious and spiritual practice. That led me to taking a look at how I identify myself as a Pagan woman and I began to get the little whispers in my mind.

A Goddess was trying to get my attention. Telling me to cover my hair for a time, that it could be beneficial. So, after a bit of consideration, and talking to some of the women over at Covered In Light on Facebook, I decided to give it a go.

I started with a basic head scarf used to pull my hair back off my face but left it uncovered and showing at the back. From there, I began wearing a turban or crown style wrap which covered all my hair.

Personal crisis led me to stop covering for about a month, but then I began to hear the voice telling me it was time to consider it again.

After experimenting with different styles of covering I am still most drawn to the Jewish tichel style, but have also found a great deal of practicality in a modified Muslim hijabi style.

What have a learned thus far from covering my head?

Spiritually – this simple bit of cloth wrapped round my head provided me with a constant reminder and connection to Deity. I’ve met many who have been called to cover by Hestia. I discovered that the One was was asking me to cover was Bride.  She also had other requests of me which I have done my best to follow these past few months.

Energy work – unbeknownst to me, for some time my crown chakra has been wide open. Perhaps as a result of the work I have been doing this past year in exploring and learning about shamanic healing practices. Perhaps this is how things have been for some time. In any case, back in June I attended a drumming circle and when I went to take off my head covering, was told by another of the participants that I should put it back on because I was spewing energy out of my crown. Since he is a person who “sees” things, I paid attention. By wearing a head covering, I have found that I am able to focus my energies and intention better. I am able to “see” intuitively with greater clarity (much like I have to remove my eyeglasses in order to be able to “see”.)

Emotionally – I am an empath. I feel and sense the emotions of others. When I am amongst a group of people, that emotional input can become overwhelming. As a result, I have learned to carry strong shields around me any time I go out. There are times though when I find it difficult to maintain that shielding – especially when I am tired or emotionally drained. By covering my head, I am able to maintain a greater level of emotional detachment from the emotions of others. I am calmer, less prone to panicking or becoming overwhelmed. And I don’t have to expend as much energy in maintaining my shields.


These are NOT reasons why I cover my hair

I have not been forced or made to cover my hair by anyone or anything. Even Bride let me know that she was requesting this not commanding, and that I could say no, without worrying that it might jeapardise my budding relationship with Her. While I discussed my reasons for wanting to cover with my husband, he maintained then and now that this is always my choice, and he will support me either way.

I do not cover for reasons of modesty. I consider myself to be a somewhat modest person. I don’t find need to reflect that in my clothing choices. Some Pagan women are embracing the idea of modesty in dress. I am not one of them.


What are your thoughts on head coverings in a Pagan practice? Have you tried it? Felt an urge? Been curious? Feel free to comment here.


7 thoughts on “The Call to Cover

  1. I have never considered it, but then again, I don’t know much about why people would do it in the first place. Thank you for sharing what you have gained from covering your head – I think the fact that it helps control your energies (both your chakra and your shields) is the most interesting point.

  2. Merry Meet everyone. It made me smile when reading about head covering as I have been doing it for quite a few years now for exactly the reasons given here. It helps tremendously in crowded places as it can become unpleasant when bombarded by so many different emotions from the people around you. I live in South Africa and have easy access to muslim dress of all kinds and I have a large collection of head scarves. I have always considered my head scarves as my shield against the swirling emotions of others. As an empath the head covering has been a logical thing for me to do. Make your head scarves a part of your personal fashion statement and keep shining. Blessed Be.

  3. I do not have a desire to cover in my day to day life. However I have in the past used a shawl to cover my head while in ritual. I do agree it helps in focusing and containing that crown energy. A Tiara or crystal hanging in my 3rd eye also does the same thing.

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