I was going to write a blog post about just this very topic, but Rowan Hale from Pagan Parenting in the Bible Belt has done such a great job, I decided to let her do the speaking here as well.

Rowan Hale

First Annual International Covered in Light DayWhat can a bunch of women accomplish when they put their minds together?


I belong to a group called Covered in Light. It is a group for Pagan and Polytheistic women who cover their heads (and/or hair) with a scarf or veil as part of their religious observance. Why would a Pagan veil? WitchVox author Nar goes into some of the reasons, and I’ve written about veiling as well.

Recently, one of our sisters was wearing a hijab style cover (which is most typically seen in Muslim dress) on her way to a meeting when a woman spat in her path. You can read more about this account at It’s Only Cloth, a blog that one of our Sisters started to help share similar stories.

Let me reiterate that for you –  a woman spat in the path of another woman simply because of what she…

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