Witch View with Witchy Girl

Your name

 Witchy Girl

Do you follow any particular religious path? What is it? Are you part of any particular tradition? Can you share with us what that is?

I am a solitary eclectic Wiccan, so I don’t have a tradition as of yet, although I’m having a shop around as time goes on.

How long have you practiced witchcraft?

I’ve been a Wiccan since I was 14, although I didn’t cast my first proper spell until recently. So you could say four years or not until recently, depending on how you view it.

Were you born a witch, or did you become a witch? At what point did you know?

I randomly came across a teenage spell book when I was 11, but didn’t think it would work for me. Then I was given a fairy spell book when I was 14, looked into witchcraft and Wicca further, and came out of the broom closet back in February. I realised what I really was when I was 17, as I dabbled in witchy beliefs from the age of 14, but it didn’t hit me properly until I was a lot older that this is a serious set of beliefs!

Do you follow, or have you dedicated yourself to, any particular deities?

My favourite deity has to be Athena, as she is the goddess of wisdom and intellect in Greece, as they are traits that I admire in myself and in others. However, that said, I haven’t properly dedicated myself or followed any particular deities.

What type of crafting are you best at, or do you focus on the most? i.e. herbs, stones and crystals, candles, divining

I quite like visualisations, as I’m a classic daydreamer by nature anyway, so this is easy to do, when I get the chance to. I also like the runes. There’s something about them that makes me feel relaxed and at peace, although I enjoy shuffling Tarot cards too.

Do you celebrate the Sabbats? All or just some of them?

I try to celebrate them when I can, even if I can’t do a ritual because of my busy college schedule. I celebrated Ostara this year, for instance, by examining my life and deciding what I needed to balance out, as well as going for more walks. Even sitting with ‘The Mists of Avalon‘ outside with an ice-cream seemed to be a good celebration in itself!

Books! How many books about witchcraft do you own? Have you written any of them?

20! Well, most of them are reference books about Tarot, crystals and other things like that, although I own at least five books on witchcraft. I haven’t written any of them though, as I’m only a college student! When I get the time to write a spell book, I’ll let you know!

What have you been doing recently that is craft related?

I had to (unfortunately) cast a banishing spell to stop my ex from interfering with my relationship with my current boyfriend. Because his jealousy was beginning to upset and harm my partner, I had no choice. I also created a pouch of lavender and rosemary in order to get some sleep.

Magical and mundane life. Are they kept separate or are they combined?

I like to combine them whenever I can. You only live life once, and the more magical it is, the better!

Are environmental issues important to you? What are you doing or how have you adjusted your life and your practices in response to these issues?

I try to save water when I can, and I also use bath bombs and bubble bars from Lush when I can afford to, because of their ethics.

Do you have a familiar?

I would love one! But at the moment, I live in a place where I can’t have a pet.

Do you have a craft name? Do you believe craft names should be kept secret, or can they be shared?

To be honest, I don’t have a craft name, I don’t believe in the gimmick personally, but that’s me just being outspoken.

If you have children are you raising them in the craft?

I’ve talked to my boyfriend, who is an atheist, and we’ve agreed that I can raise them in the craft, if that is what they want to do, free will is what makes children happy, in my opinion.

Do you wear, or not wear, any particular clothing or covering?

Do you wear this all the time or only when doing magical work, or a bit of both? I wear a pentacle on a daily basis, and I have a beautiful long green gown I wear for rituals.

What are your views on ethics in witchcraft? Do you follow the 3-fold law or the Wiccan Rede?

I am in agreement with both the 3 fold law and the Rede, as they help you to act responsibly, as I read once, with unlimited freedom comes unlimited responsibility.

What is something you know now that you wish you had known when you first identified as a witch?

That there is a community of pagans/witches who want to help you on your path, you don’t have to wing it alone.

Name one ritual tool you just wouldn’t want to do without?

Hmmm, I would say my wand. Since I bought it, I’ve been in love with it!

Is there anything else you would like to tell the world?

Well, I would say that to be a happy person, pagan or not, live in perfect love and perfect trust, only then will you be complete.

What 3 links would you like to spotlight?


My blog I would think would be the main one, and I would also like to link two other young witches’ blogs, they write so well and deserve the spotlight just as much as any other adult witch does.


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