Thursday’s Talking Point – The Element of Air

Thursday’s Talking Point: The Element of Air


air (Photo credit: webbj74)

What can you say about air. It surrounds us. It’s in every breath we take. We can see the effects that it can have on everything around it. But, we can’t see it.

The air which surrounds the Earth is composed of a mixture of nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, and other gases. It is formed at the perfect balance to allow life to thrive. Too much hydrogen and the world would go bang. Not enough oxygen, and animals couldn’t survive. Not enough carbon dioxide and plant life couldn’t survive.

Within the body, air is represented by the life-giving breath we take, by the exchange of oxygen for carbon dioxide within the lungs, the exchange of oxygenated blood for deoxygenated blood within the cells.

You always carry all of the elements within your self.

Air can be represented in ritual circles by a feather, incense smoke, your athame, a breath of air, or possibly even a blowing breeze if you are working outside (or have a window open).

Air Correspondences


air (Photo credit: fiddle oak)

Animals which represent the element of air include all birds, insects, and all flying creatures.

It’s elemental creature is the sylph.

Air is associated with communication as sound waves travel through air.

Tarot: Swords

Season: Spring

Time of day: Sunrise

Time of life: Childhood

Astrology: Libra, Gemini, Aquarius

Colours: Pink, Yellow, Pastels

Direction: East

Energy: Active masculine

Personal cleaning cycle: Reception rooms plus the entrance hall. These are all areas where talking and communication take place within my home. It is here that guests are received.


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