My Relationship with Herne

English: Gundestrup Cernunnos Français : Gunde...

English: Gundestrup Cernunnos (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been working with Herne /Cernunnos for 15 years now. He introduced himself to me in quite a spectacular fashion, and over the years has always been, if not right in front of me, lurking in the background. These are some of the stories I have of Him.

Herne first introduced Himself to me via dreams. This is a common way for Gods to come to people, though some are  bit reluctant to speak of these occurrances because the meeting can sometimes have a rather blatent sexual context. And such was the case during my first dream encounter with Herne. I can still hear His booming laugh in my head when in the dream I reached round and felt his rather sizeable penis, and responded with “Oh, my God!” His response, “That’s right.” At which point I woke up. At this time I had no idea who the God had been, but the encounter has stuck with me ever since.

My second encounter was a few weeks later during a coven ritual. We did an energy raising and spellwork, and afterwards when I attempted to ground the extra energy back into the Earth, I found that I was unable. I fought to ground, then stated out loud to the others assembled, “He won’t let me ground.” I was asked who it was and I responded that I did not know, but the High Priestess would know His touch. She reached over to me and touched my arm, then sat back stunned and said “It’s Herne.”

Herne continued to possess me, with me peaking over my shoulder at the world the remainder of the evening. The others in the coven told me that during the time my whole mannerisms changed. I walked differently, talked differently. My entire being had a more masculine feel to it. At one point, we looked in a cupboard for a wine glass, and Herne stated quite clearly in my head that these glasses were “too girly”.  I was just glad there was no beer in the house. I hate beer. He was happy with wine.

When my husband and I met, Herne claimed my husband as his own as well.

At the time, he was living and working in Los Angeles and I would fly out to be stay with him. During one visit, I brought a selection of stones with me to show. I felt compelled to give him something and thought it was one of the stones. My soon-to-be husband, who had already made the decision to convert to Paganism, also felt this pull and we patiently went through each stone, trying to determine which one it might be.

Each stone in turn though was rejected, and I finally suggested that he close his eyes and let his hands be guided to where

Illustration of Herne the Hunter

Illustration of Herne the Hunter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

they needed to be. He did so and his hands slowly raised and went to the Herne medallion I wore round my neck. I immediately gave it over and my husband has worn it ever since.

Since that time Herne has mainly spoken to and through my husband. But he has also let me know on occasion that He is still my patron God as well as being our family patron God.

While planning a ritual, hubbyman and I discussed together which of the Gods we would ask to bear witness to our work. Hubby got a far away look in his eyes and when he returned I asked who he had been speaking to. “Herne wants to know why we are bothering to invite Him when we bloody well know He’s already here.” Fair enough, we no longer invite Him, we just thank him for being present.

Most recently though, Herne made his presence known during a Reiki Share I was taking part in. One of the participants was able to see spirits around people, and while I was receiving a healing he very clearly saw a man with horns standing by my head. “Oh, that’s just Herne.”

My relationship with Herne is not that of a worshipper towards the worshipped. Sometimes He is a protector, sometimes He is a trusted advisor. He has a dark side as Lord of the Wild Hunt and must always be respected, but as He has shown me, He also has a wicked sense of humour and a brighter merrier side too.

Have you had any encounters with Herne or another God? Feel free to share them with me here.

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8 thoughts on “My Relationship with Herne

  1. The Morrighan first made herself known to me during a ritual with my coven. She came and stood right in front of me, with her very no-nonesence energy. I was taken aback and called my friend over to try and gauge the presence. As we were in Sacred Space, I was not worried, just a bit overwhelmed.

    My Sister came and told me what I had suspected, but was unsure of. It was indeed the Morrighan. Though neither of us had ever worked with her, nor had we met her before, she made her presence known unmistakeably.

  2. Amazing post! I love to hear others encounters with their gods/goddesses. They are such magical stories that always leave me astounded by the level of devotion. So beautiful! Thanks for sharing at the PPBH!


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  8. I’m amazed currently, that I have just moved to Reading, Berkshire, and upon doing a google search have discovered that is where Herne is from. I have been working with Cernunnos/some stag headed god or guide who came to me within the last year, and guided me to choose this place to go to university. I had no idea this is where the legend of Herne was located or where the sightings were, or that he may indeed be another manifestation of Cernunnos, until tonight. Really gobsmacking.

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