Witch View with University Witch

1. Your name:

University Witch

University Witch

2. Do you follow any particular religious path? What is it? Are you part of any particular tradition? Can you share with us what that is?

I am an eclectic Wiccan. I follow the Wiccan Rede and worship one universal God. I believe God has both a masculine and feminine form (i.e. Mother Goddess and Horned One) and that all other deities are simply “God in Drag” if you will. Smaller aspects of the greater force. So I pray to many different deities from many different cultures.

3. How long have you practised witchcraft?

I began my year and a day training back in the summer of 2005, so we’re approaching 7 years of active practice.

4. Were you born a witch, or did you become a witch? At what point did you know?

My mother was a practitioner of magick, though never took on the formal religion. She read tarot cards and spoke a lot about the love spells she attempted. She eventually converted to Christianity, but we agree that magick is in our blood.

5. Do you follow, or have you dedicated yourself to, any particular deities?

As I mentioned earlier, I believe that all deities are simply different faces of the same God, representing the many different forces in the universe. Currently though, most of my prayers have been focused on the Bodhisattvas, Ganesh, and Kuan Yin in hopes of cultivating more compassion in my life.

6. What type of crafting are you best at, or do you focus on the most? i.e. herbs, stones and crystals, candles, divining

There is no particular part of crafting I have focused on yet, although I seem to have a gift in making charmed objects such as sachets, amulets, or simply charging deity figures. I like to spell my gifts to promote love, happiness or protection before giving them to friends and family. I have actually crocheted a number of scarves lately and am planning on adding some protections and general blessings before donating them to the local homeless shelter.

I have a strong connection to stones and runes/sigils, so they are almost always a part of my spells whether I am scrying, casting protections or creating a charm bag to manifest love and understanding.

7. Do you celebrate the Sabbats? All or just some of them?

I celebrate all 8 Sabbats, sometimes blending my traditional holiday celebrations into my Wiccan ones. This year, I have done a small personal ritual for Ostara but am also throwing a large Easter celebration to share with friends and family.

8. Books! How many books about witchcraft do you own? Have you written any of them?

Currently I don’t own very many books on witchcraft. I used to own dozens, but in the process of moving across the country for school, I decided to leave the majority of heavy material at home, where its safe. I live for Christopher Penczak‘s elemental books on Witchcraft.

9. What have you been doing recently that is craft related?

Since I am back in college at the University of Oregon, I am really focused on doubling my efforts to incorporate magick into daily routine. I have been testing new sigils and writing new spells, creating healing potions and making charm bags for friends. Divination has always been part of my magickal study, so there’s a lot of tarot reading and rune casting as well.

10. Magical and mundane life. Are they kept separate or are they combined?

I believe it is impossible to keep those two worlds separate, though I don’t tend to bring up my religion unless specifically asked. I am a pretty popular person in my mundane life and yet only a handful of people know that I am a practicing witch. Yet, being a witch is who I am and it influences everything I do on the outside world as much as the internal.

11. Are environmental issues important to you? What are you doing or how have you adjusted your life and your practices in response to these issues?

Living in Oregon, environmental issues tend to flare up whether you are wiccan or not. I have an organic, completely edible garden in my front yard with compost bins. Our household recycles, minimizes waste and I even take the bus back and forth to school instead of my car.

12. Do you have a familiar?

Currently I do not, but in the past I have had more than one.

13. Do you have a craft name? Do you believe craft names should be kept secret, or can they be shared?

I do have a craft name that I keep secret. I chose it after my year and a day initiation, along with my Book of Shadows and Pentacle necklace. Only those in my circle know it. I believe keeping it to myself keeps it sacred and isn’t something that I would throw around lightly.

14. If you have children are you raising them in the craft?

I don’t have children yet, but they will definitely be raised Wiccan with the freedom to choose their faith as they get older. I do not believe anyone should be Initiated into the craft as a full witch until at least 15 years old and have completed a year and a day study to discover if Wicca truly is the path for them.

15. Do you wear, or not wear, any particular clothing or covering? Do you wear this all the time or only when doing magical work, or a bit of both?

I only wear my robe when doing large works of magick. Some jewelry is the same. My pentacle on the other hand I wear as a daily reminder of the Goddess’ circle and as a sign of my faith. I cleanse and charge it often.

16. What are your views on ethics in witchcraft? Do you follow the 3-fold law or the Wiccan Rede?

I follow the 3-fold law and the Wiccan Rede. I believe that the most important part of life is our intention. When we intend to do good and are honest about how we go about it, we are respecting the Goddess and bringing her gifts of joy and love into this chaotic world. We all need a moral compass to live by.

17. What is something you know now that you wish you had known when you first identified as a witch?

I wish I had known how growing away from my circle would make practicing harder. Without the support we had in high school, many of us have limited our practice to only celebrating the Sabbats, if that. It would have helped us all prepare for when we didn’t have each other’s hands to hold.

18. Name one ritual tool you just wouldn’t want to do without?

My pentacle. It is spelled to hold my energy, to offer protection and to remind me that while the Goddess is within, God is best found out in the world, in living life. Not in some temple or dusty book. It reminds me to connect with the outside world as much as I find balance within.

19. Is there anything else you would like to tell the world?

Wicca is a religion first. Our goal as witches is to connect with the Goddess’ circle and find freedom from worldly burdens. We are teachers and parents and lovers. Wicca is not a perfect religion, but it tends to focus on bettering the individual rather than building a church. It is deeper than many people understand. So please don’t be too quick to judge us.

20. What 3 links would you like to spotlight?




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