Modron – My Favourite Goddess


Matrona_Gaul_goddess (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This week’s talking point is a look at my favourite Goddess. This is a tough one, because frankly, how do I chose? I have worked with many Goddesses at various times over the years. Each coming in at a time when I most needed them.

The Goddess who has been with me longest though is Modron.

Modron can be found within the Mabinogion in Welsh literature. She is the Mother of Mabon, Mabon ap Modron, who was taken from her when he was 3 nights old. This is not the story of Modron so much as it is the story of Mabon, to be found within the story of KILHWCH AND OLWEN OR THE TWRCH TRWYTH.

Read it yourself

Modron is at heart a Mother Goddess. Variations of her name can be found across Europe and will be recognised by many as meaning Mother at a most primal level. Matron, Madron, Matronae, Matrona, Marne.

In Welsh literature, Modron is the daughter of Afallach, king of Avalon. As such, she can also be connected with Welsh Goddess Rhiannon. Like Rhiannon as well, Modron had her son stolen from her when he was but a few days old.

Modron came to me at a time when I was ready to explore my place in life as a mother. By this time, I already had a son was was several years old but in many ways I had ignored the feminine side of who I was. Modron came when I was ready to embrace that part of who I am more fully.

At times I questioned why she was with me. Especially when my husband and I were dealing with fertility issues. And again when I was dealing with post-natal depression and post traumatic stress disorder after my youngest was born.

My relationship with Modron has never been one of a student towards her teacher, or even a daughter towards her mother. Our relationship has always been one of equals, two mothers coming together for support.

It is from Modron that I received the craft name I have used since 1998, Maedrona. I have done my best to make sure I live up to that name.

I don’t worship Her. I’ve never dedicated myself to Her. She is my Patron Goddess though and has been with me for over a decade. I call upon her to bear witness when I am doing magical workings. Sometimes she pops round for a bit of a conversation. She especially likes coming in when I am doing mindless tasks with my hands. Like gardening or washing dishes, or ironing.

From her I have gained a lot of wisdom, and a lot of knowledge both of the Gods and of being a mother.


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