Intuition and Inspiration | Magic, Healing, and Cooking


Rosmarinus officinalis

Rosemary for remembrance and it goes nicely with lamb, but how do you use it? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At first glance, you may be wondering what prompted me to link these three seemingly unrelated ideas together alongside Intuition and Inspiration.


For me though, these are all linked by energy and intention.


Intuition is what allows me to pull information and knowledge together in new ways. When I worked in nursing I defined intuition as making a jump from Point A  (available data) to Point D (conclusion regarding possible outcomes and upcoming events) without having to make the stops to reason things through at Points B & C in between.


Intuition is also listening to the internal voice. Some might call this the subconscious, your own personal Jiminy Cricket sitting on your shoulder. I call it the voice in the back of my head. I learned (eventually) that my life goes much more smoothly if I pay attention to what this voice is telling me. It is this voice that told me things like “Don’t go out with that guy. No I can’t tell you why, but really don’t go out with him.” Only to find out 2 weeks later he was married.


Sometimes the little voice is polite – “Hey, Nancy! I think you should try doing this.” Sometimes it isn’t so polite. {Whack!} “Next time, maybe you’ll listen to me the first time.”


It might be your internal voice/spirit guide/guardian angel abhors violence. Mine knows that sometimes I need a good virtual thwack upside the back of the head to get my attention.


But I digress.


In my way of thinking, magic and healing work are very much the same. Both work using energy. One reason why I call myself an Energy Worker. As a witch and a spellcaster I gather and shape energies to create a specific purpose. As an Energy Healer, I do the same.


During both processes I will turn inside and go into a semi-trance state. I don’t speak a lot and will suddenly go off into the kitchen or another room to grab an item, but am completely unable to


vocalise to my husband what it is I am looking for. I will grab herbs and spices from the kitchen, candles from the drawer, incense from the box. Bits of fabric or string. With no idea what so ever how I might possible be using them. But it all comes together.


The reasons usually have absolutely nothing to do with printed ideas. Forget green candles mean money, pink candles mean love. Forget salt is earth and rosemary is memory. Oh, I have this knowledge in the back of my head, but I may call things in for a completely different purpose.


Intuition is what allows me to become inspired within my workings. Knowledge of what herbs go together, or what ingredients they work best with allows me to use that intuition in the kitchen when cooking and when spellcasting.


1. Lightbulb1 (brian0918).

I’ve got a GREAT idea! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Intuition when healing helps me to know where I need to be directing energy, and whether I should be sending Healing Energy inwards, or pulling stagnated energies out. Knowledge gained through learning Reiki, Shamanic Healing techniques, herbalism, aromatherapy, conversations with others, and even my training as a nurse are all just tools I can call upon while seeking the answers to what I need to do intuitively while healing.


Intuition is what leads me to substitute one spice for another, or to use one type of sausage instead of another when making my meatloaf. Prior knowledge of what spices work well together keep these intuitive inspirations from becoming culinary disasters.


How are you following your own intuition? What happens when you ignore intuition?




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2 thoughts on “Intuition and Inspiration | Magic, Healing, and Cooking

  1. I constantly find myself ignoring my intuition. I know better, but I ignore it anyway… Something I’m trying to become more in tune with.

    Thank you for linking up to Pagan Pages Blog Hop!


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