Why I Don’t Invoke

A ritual circle. Used on a Wikipedia page abou...

A ritual circle. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The basics of any formal Pagan ritual involve invoking the Gods, the Elements, and the Spirits, or calling them into the circle. When I am working though I choose not to Invoke, I instead welcome the Gods and ask Them to be present.

My reasons for doing this are two-fold.

First, when I create a circle, I am creating a space between the worlds. It isn’t really even a circle because it extends in three dimensions forming a bubble around me and anyone else within the circle.

This is the realm of the Gods and the spirits. It is Their land. For me to invoke Them into a circle, in my mind, would be the same as me walking into your home without knocking and telling you to come sit in the lounge and do a bit of work for me. It’d be rude, and I wouldn’t do it.

My second reason comes from a conversation my Hubby-man had with Herne many years ago. We were planning a ritual and discussing which of the Gods we would ask to be present with us. Hubby got a far-away look on his face, my cue that he was conversing with someone in his mind. Once Hubby came back, I asked who he had been speaking to.

His response, “Herne wants to know why we are bothering to ask him to be present when we bloody well know he’s already here.”

Things like that tend to stick with you over time. So, we don’t call, we don’t invoke, we don’t order. We welcome the Gods and ask them to bear witness to the work we are doing.


7 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Invoke

  1. I love the way you think! I’ve seen so many disrespectful treatments of gods and goddesses by Their own “people,” it drives me wild! Thank you for being a fellow non-invoker. I reckon you can do a lot more on your own power – with or without Them watching – than you think!

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