Amulet Journey into a Cone of Healing

This week has been a momentous series of events for those that I know around the world.

Jim Graywolf Petruzzi, author of White Man, Red Road, Five Colors , and part of Sanctuaries of the Earth Mother (SOTEM) has been in the UK helping to spread word of the work being done through SOTEM.

Last Sunday he and his wife Sue (or his half-side as he calls her) came to my friend Kay Gillard’s home in Surrey where they led a group of 17 in drumming, singing, and welcoming. I was privileged to be part of the group and the work we started continues to resonate. During her Monday Power Talk Kay spoke of the power to be found within a group and invited all to join her each Sunday to drum in our Power.

Jim gained permission to drum within the ancient circle of Stonehenge on Friday morning.

Stonehenge at sunset on a cloudy day.

Stonehenge at sunset on a cloudy day. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many gathered at Stonehenge, 7 drumming within and others holding energy without, for a glorious morning. They were joined by others from around the world, who gathered at the same time to drum, chant, and link their energy with those at Stonehenge. It was a spectacular merging of Celtic and Lakota Gods, spirits, and energies. And those were just the Ones which I saw.

This weekend, people around the world honour the Earth for Earth Day.

Completely unrelated, it was this weekend that I invited people to take part in a Universal Cone of Healing, from Saturday 21st at sunset until Sunday 22nd at sunset. My husband and I set up the intention with the Cone at sunset last night through drumming and visualising, adding Reiki and healing energy. My drum, called Old Man Drum, spoke to me and sent a chant which others are welcome to use.

Spin the circle round and round
Here only healing can be found.

Enter the cone one by one
Until the healing work is done.

It was only fitting then, during this week of Healing that I use this time to journey with the Amulets to ask them their thoughts on the Cone of Healing.


What guidance can you give for those in the Cone of Healing?

Amulets drawn:

Amulets of the Goddess

Nightstar, Frog, Mother & Child, Willendorf Goddess, Cow, Sheela-na-Gig

Nightstar, Frog, Primal Mother and Child, Willendorf Goddess, Cow drawn together with Sheela-na-Gig

Power is at your fingertips and wishes can come true. Much healing has gone and is going into the Cone. I see prayers to Yahweh, G-d, Allah. I see Reiki. I see Spirit Animals. All entering the Cone and maintaining the Cone. I see healing thought forms of every shape. Each adding to the collective powers of this Universal Healing.

Speak out of what you are doing. Let your voice be heard. Tell others of the Cone and invite them to share.

I see figures in the cone some reluctant and hesitant. Know your place is here. You are deserving of healing.

I hold you in my arms, like a Mother with her child. Loving you unconditionally and without question.

Abundance in healing is here. There is enough for everyone. You do not need to ask. Just stand in the Healing Beauty that is created through all of you.

Working together and in partnership you have created this beautiful Cone of Healing Power.

Speaking now, know your choices in how and with whom you partner. Some say they seek to heal Me but they speak falsely. They seek to heal only themselves. Align yourself not with these people!

Healing must be given freely without condition.

Together you have created a thing of great beauty and love.

Together you may partake of the healing collective.

Many paths become one as they move together in harmony.

Speak up and speak out. Tell the world what you have done.

Beware those who would take without giving, who would hoard all for themselves.

Amulet of the Goddess Image

Image shown during Amulet of the Goddess Journey

A quick note: Yes, I have said that I draw out 5 amulets as a Council of Elders. Sometimes though, while I reach into the bag to draw 1, 2 choose to come out together. That is what happened today. Cow and Sheela-na-Gig came out in my fingers as one.


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