Walking the Healing Path

Pagan Blog Project 2012, H is for… Healing Path


"Saint Pantaleon the Healer". Painti...

"Saint Pantaleon the Healer". Tretyakov Gallery (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I had a whole post written out here, but come the day to publish and I have deleted the lot and decided to start over.


Instead of talking about my historic path as a healer, you can read about that anyway at my other blog, I decided to take this another direction.


Healer Heal Thyself


When you start on the path of the healer, the urge, the desire, the enthusiasm in knowing that you are able to provide healing for others is a grand feeling.


Somewhere along the way though it hits you, as you are providing healing for others, you are going to face times when you need to find healing for yourself.


That’s right, in order to be a Healer, you will need to heal yourself. And not necessarily physically. Over time, as you walk the Healer’s Path you will find yourself in situations where self-healing becomes necessary.


You’ll be going along very happy in life, and suddenly an issue with family you thought was gone will suddenly read up and need to be fully dealt with on an emotional level. It hadn’t gone, it had only been stuffed down and ignored for 20 years.


Some will find themselves in what is called a healing crisis. Minor physical problems will become major, emotional flare ups become more pronounced. Women may experience a heavier menstrual flow. When this comes without warning, it can be very, very overwhelming.


You may find yourself questioning who you are, your beliefs, your faith, or the very foundations upon which you based your life. You may feel you have been completely torn down, every and mask and emotional  or mental barrier you’ve used to hide taken away, leaving you exposed and vulnerable to your self. Once you have taken this honest look at your true self, then it becomes possible to rebuild who you are, but no longer based upon past fears, hurts, or angers.





I enjoy reading your responses, so please let me know what you think.

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