Saturday Amulet Reading: The Norns (2 days late)

I related a few weeks ago that I was at a time where I was re-establishing my identity as a Pagan Woman, and that has part of the process I have been interacting more and more with the Norns.

While working with the Amulets tonight, the question to ask them came through.

What can you tell me about the Norns.

This was what they had to say. Note the gentle chastisement from the amulets at the beginning of this reading.

Amulet Journey

Sprouting seed, Cow, Dolphins, Eyes, Inanna

Amulets drawn

Sprouting seed



All-seeing Eyes



The seeds of knowledge are already growing within you. You already have what you need to know. Have patience and let it grow. Quit digging it up to look and see if the seeds are growing. Patience. Things are happening in their own time and cannot be hurried.

You will be working in partnership with the Norns. Relationship of equals. No expectation of worship. They do not need it. No expectations of being less than or greater than.

Now is the time to enjoy where you are. Focus on being and enjoying. Laugh and play.

Eyes all seeing. The Norns are watching you. Seeing you through your eyes and have found you worthy.

You need to journey to speak to the Norns directly. But the time is not yet ready. Listen for their call from below when it is time to make your descent.



2 thoughts on “Saturday Amulet Reading: The Norns (2 days late)

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