Witch View with Gina

I have known Gina for over a decade. I have the greatest respect for her and am honoured that she agreed to take part in the Witch View interviews.
Your name:
Do you follow any particular religious path? What is it? Are you part of any particular tradition?

Rosicrucian Park

Rosicrucian Park (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Can you share with us what that is?

None specifically.  I am a student of the universe, guess it could be said.
How long have you practiced witchcraft?
The family always did some magic.  Mostly traditional to the person, no, they never called themselves witches,  they also had a nice Catholic missal and a rosary, to be used when societally expected.  We’d had to learn to shut up and blend in due to being Jews (not religious, but by blood) since getting kicked out from Spain, etc and especially during WWII where we lost a whole branch of the family to Hitler. What we did/do in the privacy of our home, was/is our business. Such was our motto.
Were you born a witch, or did you become a witch? At what point did you know?
I was born knowing and communicating with ancestors. I also could at times impose my will, such as one time, when the teacher said the whole class would stay after school, and I looked at the clock, thought “nope” and she let us go, with a quizzical look on her face, when the bell rang. As if she had forgotten something, but it didn’t matter. At 5 I announced my grandfather saying goodbye when he was dying at the hospital. At 15 I announced my cousin had killed herself.  A cousin we had not seen in a while.
Do you follow, or have you dedicated yourself to, any particular deities?
Deities, per se, no.  I have worked with the Orisas, who are not deities, but actually emissaries between the Universal Creative Principle and humanity. Just like all cultures have spirits and angels who help with the work. I work with my ancestors and some non-fleshed friends the same way.  I am honoring Brigid lately as a focus on the feminine side of the creative principle.
What type of crafting are you best at, or do you focus on the most? .i.e. herbs, stones and crystals, candles, divining…
My best is using my mind.  I have tried spells, herbs, etc.  and have not gotten the same “delivery” as when I use my mind, for example, with the aformentioned teacher.
I use a pendulum, when I have to have an object. I do read Tarot but have not in a few years
Do you celebrate the Sabbats? All or just some of them?
Only the day of the dead.  My ancestors and I enjoy each other at that time. This was the family way.  They also celebrated the December holidays as a way to enjoy family
Nothing religious about it, BTW. Thanksgiving is the new tradition of the family (to us 50 or so years is brand new) to get together and talk about gifts and miracles attained through the year.
Books! How many books about witchcraft do you own? Have you written any of them?
If neo witchcraft, IE cunningham, etc. I have about 30. If it’s  the magic from Rosicrucianism, or antiquity, mysticism, metaphysiscs (old, not new age, sorry) about 300 or so?? who knows by now? Have not written any.
What have you been doing recently that is craft related?
using  mental projections, meditations, working with healing energy modalities
Magical and mundane life. Are they kept separate or are they combined?
completely combined.  We may think we separate them, but honestly, they can be separated like I can put my foot in the closet for safekeeping and re-attaching it when convenient.
Are environmental issues important to you? What are you doing or how have you adjusted your life and your practices in response to these issues?
definitely.  I am working with political groups, and using greener knowledge at home.
Do you have a familiar?
did/do. My cats are still here and helping me, as well as sharing with me.
Do you have a craft name? Do you believe craft names should be kept secret, or can they be shared?
I was called Efi on the ‘net. I do have a secret name.
If you have children are you raising them in the craft?
no, they had their own mind to make up.
Do you wear, or not wear, any particular clothing or covering? Do you wear this all the time or only when doing magical work, or a bit of both?
not any more.  don’t find it necessary.  When I do Rosicrucian rituals, such as when my mother died, in her ritual, since she was Rosicrucian, I wore the ring and the kabbalistic cross.
What are your views on ethics in witchcraft? Do you follow the 3-fold law or the Wiccan Rede?
my ethics don’t come from 3 fold or rede, however, my entire life is carried out under the glaring light of ethics/morals
What is something you know now that you wish you had known when you first identified as a witch?
there is always something else to learn, all systems, including religious systems have a piece of the pie.
Name one ritual tool you just wouldn’t want to do without?
Is there anything else you would like to tell the world?
can’t think of any
Do you have an image of yourself, or something that is special to you that you would like to share?
I am/we are eternal, dying is completely impossible, everything- whether we think of it as a reward or a punishment is a lesson. That’s what this level of existence is for.
After all, your punishment just may be my reward=)) rolling on the floor  Even MY punishment I can come to see in its true light: my BESTEST reward.
example: having a baby terrifies you, and you would be beside yourself,… the worst that could ever happen, what a punishment! .  Having a baby for me is the greatest miracle, no matter how it all turns out.  My kids are 44, 42, 41, 32.  I should know.
example 2: I had to run for my life.(booooooo!) Ran out of gas and had to plant roots there.  It was the most amazing unfolding of a fabulous future. (hurray!)  look for the hidden diamonds.

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