Drawing the Amulets in a Shamanic Journey

Tonight, I drew the amulets as part of a Shamanic Journey to the Cosmic Egg.

This was the message the Amulets gave me. I am transcribing it exactly as it was given to me through a process called Automatic Writing.

I dance the dance of infinite love. Holding you always in my arms.

Your power is great, but so very young. Nurture it and tend it carefully my children.

Speak up and let your voices be heard for you stand in power. Nurture it and let it grow as a mother loves her child. You cannot hold power close to your chest. Like a mother with her child you must allow it to grow and become. Nurture it, stand in it. Love it. Love your power as I love you.

Dance the dance of ecstasy, losing you in my love. Be one with all that I am for you are the Egg and I am in you.

Stand with me in ultimate love and trust and power as you give birth to yourself and all of the universe in you. Love love, dance, grow, nurture, sing, let your voice be heard.

The exultations of angels are naught but the universe singing its joy at being.

Be one with who you are. Claim your power for the universe is you and in you and of you. Sing, love, dance, grow, dance, sing, love, be.

Mother Father Lover. Holding you in my arms. Love without form. Love without gender. Love without boundary.

The amulets drawn were:

Dancing Bird Goddess

Sprouting seeds



Primal Mother Goddess and Child


3 thoughts on “Drawing the Amulets in a Shamanic Journey

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  3. I was searching net for power of the labrys, and voila! Most inspirational, I’m returning to get re-energized! March/2015 before the eclipse of the super moon. Migweetch!

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