Amulet Reading for Cat

Amulet reading for Cat, a Pagan woman living in Europe.

Her question was in regards to a work situation where she would be around a man she had once had a crush on. While things didn’t go any further, they did get complicated when she told him of this crush and he was transferred to a new position soon after.

Question: Should you try for the position or seek work elsewhere?


amulets of the goddess

Council of Elders
Triple Spiral, Laussel Goddess, Labrys, Nightstar, Gorgon

Triple Spiral

Barriers, Boundaries, Possibilities

This amulet indicates three levels of questions need to be answered.

  • What are the barriers you would face in this job?
  • What are your boundaries in relationship to the job?
  • What possibilities do you see coming to pass if you get the job?

Knowing these things will aid in making your own decision on what you should do.

Your own mind is yet unclear on what path you should take. By identifying your own fears of what might be, or what could be you will be better placed to find your answers.

Use this same triple spiral to find answers to the questions asked by the other Amulets.

Laussel Goddess


Time has passed and you are not the same woman you were when you first met this man. He has changed and you have changed. Fears of rejection and being rejected are repeating themselves here. Are your fears preventing you from seeing this job clearly?


Priestess Power

You are a strong and dedicated woman now, and power is within you. It is time to confront this past crush within yourself. Was it the crush of a young girl still finding her way? Or a grown woman who knows who and what she is? Look into your heart and find the truth.



Be careful what you wish for, because it might just come true.

As noted with the Triple Spiral – know within yourself what you want, what barriers might exist, and what possibilities you are hoping to see.

Do you know what you are wishing for?


Transforming anger, Reclaiming Power

Has the resentment you feel inside over the events of the past clouded your thinking in the present? The Gorgon is telling you to take a step back and think. Have you held on to the resentment out of habit, is it still needed, or is it time to release it?

You’ve held an image of this man in your heart that may no longer exist. Are you able to release that image and that girl-hood crush? Are you able to grasp the power of womanhood that you now possess?

When you know the answers to these questions, you will have the answer to your own question.


I enjoy reading your responses, so please let me know what you think.

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