I Need a Bit of Grounding

Mangrove cave

Mangrove cave (Photo credit: Wikipedia) Grounding re-establishes our connection with Mother Earth.

Lately, I have been experiencing strange episodes of very fine shaking or tremoring that leave me feeling weak and clumsy. Usually this is accompanied by an intense hot flush or, oddly enough, feeling chilled. Even when nothing can be seen physically, I feel shaky inside.

I journeyed, trying to figure out why this could be happening, new medication? Calcium and Vitamin D levels off again? Or something else?

What I received was a new way of describing what is happening within me. Vibration. I am vibrating.

Energy patterns are changing within as I explore new methods of healing through Shamanism and as I transition in life from Mother stage to Crone stage. One Goddess is passing out of my life and another is passing in. Life is all about change and right now this is manifesting in me through a change in my vibrational rate and pattern. And manifesting in fine energetic tremoring throughout my body.

Fighting these vibrational changes won’t help, but I do need to function in the world, so what do I do to get rid of this excess energy inside me?


There are many ways of grounding and I will use different methods depending on where I am and what I have available.

  • The simplest is to wash your hands. This is especially useful after doing energy work. I find that I get an excess of energy on my hands (a mixture of my own energy, the Reiki, and the client’s energy). By running water over my hands I can wash away this excess.
  • Next, there is eating. Food is incredibly grounding, and this is the reason why so many rituals from so many religious beliefs finish off with food and feasting.
  • Sitting on bare ground can help to passively drain off excess energy.
  • Sitting next to a tree and feeling the roots extending down into the Earth. Especially useful for those new to grounding work.
  • Taking a bath.
  • A more active method involved consciously moving excess energy through the body, out through the hands or feet, into the earth or water.

During a group ritual I will do a guided meditation where I lead others in extending energetic roots deep into the Earth, through the rocks and soil, down into the core. From there, they allow the energies of the Earth to flow upwards into them where it can be used for magical work and spellcasting.

Afterwards, we do another guided meditation to allow any excess or unneeded energies to flow back into the Earth.This, is grounding.

As I go through this time of transition and change, I need to remember to Ground regularly.

What methods, if any, do you use for grounding?

This article has been written in part as an entry into the Pagan Blog Project, Letter G.


5 thoughts on “I Need a Bit of Grounding

  1. Great post!
    Grounding is something that is vital to most, yet is a practice that is widely neglected! You’ve offered sound, yet simple techniques that all can appreciate and utilize.

  2. Grounding’s so important but generally viewed as being quite ‘boring’ so not really focussed on a lot. I use a lot of different techniques to ground myself- I stamp my feet, kneel and press my forehead to the floor or physically brush myself off.
    Thanks for a great article 🙂

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