Don’t Call Me Enlightened, Part 2

This past week, my good friend Kay Gillard posted up a new blog which has generated a bit of controversy. Within the article she specifically talks of the types of people she does not want to heal.

As healers, we are supposed to love everyone, and therefore if we admit that we don’t want to be of service to a particular person or type of person we feel that we are somehow unspiritual.

– Kay Gillard

You can just imagine the talk that has been generated from those who believe as healers we should love and provide healing for ALL who ask for it.

Kay’s words are simple. We should only heal those we love, but we don’t have to love everybody.

There are people I don’t do healing work with. Those who are constantly needy and seeing demons in every shadow for one. Experience has taught me that whatever healing work I do for them will be sucked into a great black hole where it remains unused, and the person will be back seeking more healing sooner rather than later. Everything wrong in their life is the result of outside influences.

I don’t want to heal those who are constantly negative. Everything is horrid, and they aren’t happy unless everyone around them is miserable. I don’t want those people in my life.

These people may need healing, but I am not the person to provide it.

Like Kay though, there are people I do love who I do not do healing work with or on. I love my husband with all my heart, and then some. Experience though has shown that I am not able to do deep and in depth healing work with him. I am too biased and become too involved. Better for him and me that he someone else for energy healing work. Likewise, when I have sought help in moving through PTSD and post-natal depression I have gone to other healers besides my husband.

There are people in this world I don’t love, people I don’t like, people I don’t want to be around, people I don’t want around me. Some would say this means I am not a spiritual person, not an enlightened person.

I would say, if being enlightened and spiritual means that I have to love the arseholes of the world, then count me out.

So, thank you Kay for writing, and thank you for bringing into the open an unpopular topic of discussion.


5 thoughts on “Don’t Call Me Enlightened, Part 2

  1. Thanks for your post. I did not read the initial blog, but helping someone when it doesn’t feel right…it is a question i have really struggled with. Yes, I want to love and help heal people. But not at the expense of losing myself or ignoring my intuition. I tried to ignore my intuition for awhile, but it drained me. I felt like I had an obligation to heal anyone who asked. I was so drained that I even stopped doing energy work for awhile, because I was drained. I am now selective on who i can work on, both for me, and for them. Sometimes the negativity or demons, are too much.. The healer needs
    to be healthy to heal. Trust your intuition.

  2. I’m not a healer myself, but I can apply this to my general life. I definitely understand what you’re saying, it’s a difficult choice to grapple with- you want to try your best to help people, but at the same time you have to be sensible, there’s no point giving help to someone who’s just going to drain you.
    I think this is kind of the age old problem of healers/good samaritans/etc, it’s knowing when to stop- and also trying to make people understand that being a loving person doesn’t mean you can’t say no.
    Wren x

  3. Haha Great article. I can’t say that I’ve ever really spent much time doing healing work, but I can definitely see where the article is coming from. Most witches I have met want to be seen as the poster boy/girl of their personal path.. but we’re all human.

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