I drew 2 amulets

Seeking further guidance into the whole Pagan woman head covering modesty thing, I drew two amulets to see what they had to tell me. I was only going in the bag after 1, but two came out. So who am I to argue?

Anyway, the two amulets I pulled from my holding bag were the Sheela-na-Gig and the Comb.

The Sheela na Gig project www.sheelanagig.org....

The Sheela na Gig project http://www.sheelanagig.org. The (in)famous Kilpeck Sheela Na Gig (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The first brings a message of Honouring Choices, the second one of Self-Reliance.

I see a much more basic interpretation here though.

The sheela-na-gig with her bawdy pose is a female figure fully comfortable in her self and her sexuality.

The comb is fully associated with hair, and the act of combing one’s hair.

Together, they are telling me that a potent source of personal power is to be found in my hair. However, I have choices, and it is up to me to fully look at those choices and make my own decision, regardless of what may be asked or required of me.


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