Why I Am Not Seeking Enlightenment

There is a balance between light and dark and to achieve balance you must be willing to work with both lightness and darkness.

When you hang around in Pagan and Reiki oriented forums like I do you tend to run across words like “enlightenment” a lot. It’s one of the current New Age terms being used all over the place.

He’s enlightened, we’re enlightened, you’re enlightened. You need to become enlightened.

Apparently, if we just hold ourselves in the light, or in this state of enlightenment, nothing nasty or bad can ever touch us. At least, that is what I see written by others.

From conversations with people who have claimed to be enlightened beings, or operating on a higher plain, or what have you, I generally get a strong sense of ego involvement. Look how much better a soul I have/am than those other people…

Once upon a time I worried when I heard these people talking. What were they doing that I wasn’t that made them more better than me. Judging myself as not being worthy. Time and experience has taught me that if you have to tell people that you are an enlightened being, you aren’t.

I have a strong desire to work and walk a middle path, one that encompasses both light and dark. Because I know that one without the other cannot exist. Like Yin and Yang, both contain a bit of the other within itself. And if you’ve ever tried to see in bright sunlight, you know just how blind that can make you.

So, if it’s all the same to you, I’m going to continue on with what I’ve been doing. . And, if one day you hear on the grapevine that NanLT is an enlightened soul, well that rumour won’t have been started by me.


6 thoughts on “Why I Am Not Seeking Enlightenment

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