A personal reading on my future life path

This week, I began a new stage in my life. I have been doing Reiki healing for a long number of years and over time have self-taught myself in intuitive Reiki. Now, I have been given the opportunity to take this knowledge to a higher level, and at the same time learn Shamanic healing methods. I have held an interest in Shamanism for as long as I have been a Pagan.

Our first class was last night – and I received a message which was verified soon after when another course participant did a journey to discover what I needed. I spent today contemplating that message and wondering where things will lead after I have finished this course – absolutely I intend to finish it.

Contemplations lead to ideas. Ideas which I am letting percolate and choosing not to share at this time.Ideas which will come to fruition in the next 5 years.

However, I did a reading to ask the amulets if I am on the right track in my thinking.

This particular reading shows how sometimes the meaning within the reading is not always the meaning within the pages. Not fully in any case.


My Question: Is ________ the Path I am to be on?


The response from the amulets:

Frog – Speaking out

Nightstar – Fulfillment

Comb – Sef-reliance

Inanna – Self-transformation

Eyes – Inner visions


The first amulet drawn  is telling to to find my voice and speak out. More than that though, this is the frog symbol of Heket. Egyptian Goddess. As midwife of the Gods, she was called upon to aid women in labour – her priestesses may have been midwives, and she was called upon at the time of death to aid in the rebirth of the dead into new lives.  In this regard, it refers directly to the question I have asked.

Next comes the Nightstar – here to tell me I am looking the right direction. Powers are at my control and my dreams here will come true.


Then the Comb – telling me that I am the ultimate controlled of my destiny. I alone am the one to decide if this is what I am to do.

Inanna, Goddess Queen who made the descent to the Underworld. Here again, Her message is very – if I am to pursue this vocation (for a vocation it must be), then I must first make the Descent into the Underworld to retrieve that which is lost just as Inanna did.

Finally, the Eyes – Inner Visions. Not much hidden meaning and symbolism here either. Inner visions are shamanic journeys. And the changes which will come in how I perceive everything around me as I continue on this path.


Am I on the right path? Yes – but it is also my choice on whether to take this path. Or another.


Inanna - Journey to the Underworld




3 thoughts on “A personal reading on my future life path

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  2. Am I on the right path? Yes – but it is also my choice on whether to take this path. Or another.

    It’s a great t remember that we are born with a karmic blueprint of our life, but that it is actually up to us to move a few pieces around, remove some and organise the content of others.

    But if the confirmation that you are on the right path comes from *above*,Nan, why would you ignore it?

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