What makes someone a crone?

After a woman reaches a “certain age” within the witchling and Pagan community, she may often refer to herself or be referred to as a “Crone”. There are even croning ceremonies that one can go through to mark this occasion.

As I begin to get up there in age, I find myself wondering – just what is it that makes someone a crone?

Is it age? Being post-menopausal? Having grandchildren? Being in the craft for a specific number of years?
Crone by
Karl Lorenzen
16 in. x 20 in.
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I think now that this needs to be redefined for a modern age. Not all women have children, or grandchildren. Some women go through menopause early, or due to surgery or other causes stop menstruating earlier than they would have.

Is the 50 year old who has been practising her craft for 5 years more a crone than the 40 year old who has been practising for 20 years, or more?

As I enter the latter half of my 40s I am drawn more and more to the figure of the crone and identify myself more with her. Even though I have young children at home. Even though I am not yet through menopause. This is a natural stage of progression for me as I move through life, and I look forward to making this transformation.


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