It’s all relative

Those who have conversed with me over at the Temple Illuminatus know that I am fond of saying “it’s all relative” to just about any subject. I thought I would explore the whole idea further.


Is there one reality or multiple? In my opinion, what becomes or is reality is based upon personal and shared perceptions. Prior experiences all combine to create reality. Shared experiences within a group or a society work to create a shared reality. It is when an individual has a personal reality that is greatly skewed from the community’s shared reality that mental illness or another problem is diagnosed.

Reality isn’t set in stone. It’s all dependent on your perception. It’s all relative.

Okay, so what does this have to do with the price of anything?

I hear voices in my head. For the most part, it’s subconscious ramblings as I continually think but occasionally…

Occasionally a thought pops in there which I know didn’t originate from me. I consider these to be times in which the Gods are speaking to me. Most of the time it’s Modron providing a bit of insight or friendly advice, or Mareninka asking a question about modern humans.

I say the voices are the Gods.

A psychiatrist or psychologist might say they are my subconscious, or perhaps would ask how frequently I hear them or if they are telling me to harm myself or another, considering schizophrenia as a cause.

Practitioners and students of the various metaphysical arts might believe I am hearing angels, extra-terrestrials, beings from alternate dimensions, spirit guides, or possibly some other being.

Some followers of one of the world’s three monotheistic religions might believe this voice to be a demon or Satan or some other voice of evil as I am not Christian.

Some people might think I’m just imagining things.

It’s all relative. Your view of reality depends upon where you are standing.





One thought on “It’s all relative

  1. I am currently writing a paper on the overall pagan perspective in regards to nature, and just found your blog. Normally I don’t read blogs, bio pages not deemed relevant, or opinion articles which aim to seek glory and change perspective based on ignorant thought and insight. The reason I am mentioning these distasteful forms of writings are because I actually believe yours to be of some relevance based on a few postings I have read. I am likely being overly praising considering I only read a few postings but there is much Truth which you have spoken; Truth which is found in many of the unspoken and seemingly insignificant details of your life and practice.

    My spirit mother (a term which is closest to relating what she really is) Kali was mentioned, and it seems we likely have possible similarities with regard to her and her True form. I post on this page because it is the most recent, and it is very likely (due to the complex life I live and the complete unknowing or lack of power to change my future) I will be able to examine your blog more thoroughly in the future, however I would like to have a form of direct correspondence should you so desire. I attempted to find a way of personally messaging you but found no way to do so on this specific site. I am not sure if my email address will be visible to you, as it is stated that it is not published with this message, but if you do have a way of obtaining it and desire to know more and share your own truth of Kali so that we may better know her most True form, or any other spiritual or philosophic concepts you wish to discuss I would be more than willing to know and share perspective. I will await your reply.

    As to those who frivolously gander at my comment, know that this is not your message and you will be ignorant to the full meaning found within. Kali is not just a Hindu Goddess, she is as related to Hinduism as any of us are to nationality in consideration to humanity overall (this relating to the page on the Alter). With the exception of this statement to hopefully give you greater depth to pagan knowledge and perception, my words of departure and enclosure is this: never know life to be anything other than a forest; that we all must clear a path for ourselves is the only way to live and understand life and the cycles therein. To walk another’s path is futile for you are not in their forest, and even if you are shown the way you are forever blind to their sight; in the end you will stumble and fall, tripping over the expectations and laws which are adherent only to that forest and respective path. Walk safe in reality fellow humans for in the end truth is but one sight and the Truth can never be known.

I enjoy reading your responses, so please let me know what you think.

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