Musings on The Power of Words

This past Friday I went to the Shamanic Spirit Circle again. The focus at Starfire Alchemy in all their groups these next two months is the Voice. And the work we did in the Circle followed this theme.

To start, we talked about the Power words can have over us. The words other say to us, positive and negative, and perhaps even more important, the words we say to ourselves. The vibration and resonance of words can have a positive or a negative effect on us. This is beautifully illustrated in a book which Kay passed around. [amazon-product text=”The Miracle of Water” tracking_id=”wwwsquidocoml-20″ type=”text”]9781451608052[/amazon-product] by Masaru Emoto shows us images of water crystals frozen in time thanks to the miracle of photography. And demonstrating first-hand how a simple word like “Love” or “Hate” can profoundly affect the structure of those crystals.

Water exposed to hatred and then to love


We then discussed the negative words we tell ourselves. “I can’t” “I don’t know” “I don’t have time” and worked together to come up with a positive replacement. “I am open to abundance” “I have plenty of time” “I am doing it. I have done it”

The words I tell myself too many times “I don’t know” The phrase I now have to replace it “I have an abundance of knowledge.”

To finish up the evening we used drumming to journey to discover our personal Power word. We each in turn them lay in the center of the circle as the others chanting, sang, and otherwise intoned the Power word into us.

The word of Power I was given: Core or Kore

Hearing and feeling them being chanted into the center of my being was awe-inspiring, amazing, beautiful.


I decided to use the Amulets to further meditate upon what I had discovered. I drew one out and held it in my hand focusing on it as I fell asleep. The amulet I drew was The Ewe: Self-Worth.

Ewe - Self-worth


What is it telling me?

At the core of the negative messages I am telling myself: self-worth

The key at my core to changing these to positive messages: self-worth


My task now – to fill my core with positive messages and thus improve my self-worth. I have an abundance of knowledge.






4 thoughts on “Musings on The Power of Words

  1. “the Power words can have over us”
    **** looks can kill – not.
    Words can kill – not
    But then again, yes they can.
    OK, so words spoken in anger, out of spite or in hatred along the death-glare given to someone through hate-filled eyes might not actually kill like bullets can, but they can certainly destroy – and they do.

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