Reiki, Shamanism, and Spirit Guides

I have been doing work recently learning about the Shaman Path and sought words of wisdom from the Amulets. This is what they had to tell me.

Where do I look to learn to live a more Shamanic life?

To walk the path of Ecstasy (Dancing Bird Goddess)

you must – Listen (Sow) to hear what is not being said

you must – See (Owl) through the darkness to what can’t be seen

you must – Look through your Inner Visions (Eyes)

and Trust (Whirlwinds) what cannot be seen

Whirlwinds - Trust the Invisible

Can you guide me to my Spirit Helper/Guardian?

Dolphin – playing, laughter, fun

Inanna – Journey to the Underworld

Spider – Discover my own creativity, look inside myself

Sprouting Seed – the process has been started, new beginnings

Laussel Goddess – Moon time, cycles, let the Spirit Guides come to you in their own time.

Inanna - Journey to the Underworld

Who will guide me as I journey to meet my Spirit Guides over time?

Night Star – Fulfillment

Universal energies are at my command.

Night Star - Universal Powers at your command


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