Amulet Reading 5

After looking at an image and forming a mental connection, I asked the Amulets to show me what this person needs to hear right now. These were the amulets drawn using the “Council of Elders” lay out.

Ewe – self-worth

It’s time to toot your own horn and shout out about your own accomplishments, gifts, and talents. My feeling is that this amulet applies not to you directly, but to someone very close to you and it is having an effect on your own life.

Frog – speaking out

Speak up, speak out. Let your views be known. Your words, at the right time, have to power to transform your life.

Sheela-na-gig – honouring choices

She is telling you that it isn’t quite yet time to be making a decision. First step is to carefully look at each choice. Only when you fully feel comfortable will it be time to make a decision.

Every choice you have made in life has lead you to where you are today. Honour those choices.

Owl – wisdom in the darkness

While examining choices, it may seem that a way forward cannot be seen. Owl is here to guide you. Use all your senses, listen and see that which cannot be heard or seen with the ears and eyes. Listen to your intuition, and to your heart, and to your body. Owl will lead you to the answer. Trust your intuition and those little niggles in the back of your mind.

Nightstar – fulfilment

While you may not be able to see an end, it is coming and all will work out. The nightstar is telling you that the powers of the universe are yours to use at this time. Look to the stars for guidance  through prayer and meditation. My feeling is that you need a bit of both prayer and meditation in your life at the moment. One is speaking to the Gods, the other is listening to their response.

Use prayer and meditation to discover your self-worth and give you the words you need to speak up at the time. Use prayer and meditation to gather your choices together and discover which is the right course for you. Use prayer and meditation as your guide through this time of darkness. Then, the anwers will come to you.


3 thoughts on “Amulet Reading 5

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  2. I would like a free Amulet Reading I would like to know what do my angels want me to know at this time in my life? Thank you

  3. Hi Melissa – the free readings took place during the month of September 2010. However, Council of Elder readings are available for a very low price of £5 if you would like to arrange one. – NanLT

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