Amulet Reading 4

Nile River Goddess — Stand in triumph

Sow — root out and listen

Ewe — self-worth is everything

Triple Spiral – 3 courses of action ahead

Gorgon – transforming anger

The Nile River Goddess stands with strength and in success and triumph to tell you it is time to stand tall. Look at where you have come from and honour the progress you have made.

Sow says to listen carefully not only to what is being said around you, but to what isn’t being said, and to what you are telling yourself. Root out the negative messages and remove them.

Ewe tells you to look to what you have accomplished. You are allowing someone to take your self-worth and power away from you, and that needs to stop.

The Triple Spiral indicates 3 courses of action coming ahead for you. One will lead to the Gorgon and that way will be difficult. You will need to face your own anger and actively work on transforming that anger into something productive. But, if you take this path, you will emerge from the other side triumphant (Nile River Goddess) and a better person for it.

Amulet of the Goddess Circle of Elders


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