Amulet Reading 3

Eyes – all seeing, inner visions

Cow – partnerships

Sprouting Seeds – new start

Whirlwinds – change unseen

Owl – seeing in darkness

The Eyes are showing you new insights into a relationship. Your perception of your relationships with others is going to change. Avoid compulsive actions at the moment. Make sure what you are seeing is really there.

The Cow indicates partnership. This would indicate to me that your new insights are in regards to someone you have a closer relationship or a partnership with.

The Sprouting Seeds indicate that you are in a new and very tender situation at the moment, and need to work carefully. Remove that which isn’t needed, the weeds, but be careful not to lose the plant as well.

The Whirlwinds are telling you to trust what you cannot yet see. Detach yourself from the storms around you, and find the calm in your center-being.

The Owl provides wisdom in the darkness. She will guide you when you cannot see. Listen and watch, with your ears, your eyes and with your heart. Trust your intuition. Again, you are being cautioned to move slowly and carefully consider your actions and words. This isn’t a time for rash or compulsive reactions. It’s a time to consider carefully and trust through the stillness.

Council of Elders providing guidance


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