Amulet Reading 2

Primal Mother and Child – Infinite Love
Whirlwinds – Trust the invisible
Dancing Bird Goddess – Ecstasy
Sheela-Na-Gig –  Choices
Triple Spiral – Barriers, Boundaries, Possibilities

You spend so much time and energy nurturing others. It’s time to accept some nurturing for yourself. Let the Mother Goddess hold you in Her arms and accept her loving embrace.

There are changes coming which cannot be seen yet. The Whirlwind Amulets are telling you to trust in the Universe. Trust the invisible.

Dancing Bird Goddess says that you have done a lot of soul-searching and have been on a hard journey lately, but you will gain the rewards for this work.  Right now, passions are raised and energy levels are high. You are going through a time of transformation, and you will come out the other side reborn, like the Phoenix from the ashes.

Sheela-na-Gig indicates you have some choices to make. These do not have to be made rashly. It’s okay to look at each decision, each choice. Take it out and examine it from all angles.  Only then, when you are fully ready, does a decision have to be made. Once made, honour those choices. Each one you have made has brought you to where you are now in your life.

Finally, you have the Triple Spiral. This amulet always indicates to me that you have an area in your life which you need to look at more closely. It also indicates there are some difficult decisions which need to be made by you.

Barriers, Boundaries, Possibilities
Divide a sheet of paper into 3 columns.  At the head of the first column, write Naming Barriers. At the head of the second column, write Healthy Boundaries. At the head of the third column, write Creating Possibilities.
Under the first column, write a list of the obstacles which are facing you. Which can you change? Which can you not change? How would you change them? Who are the people involved? What would you want to say to them?
Under the second column, write out what your limits and boundaries are in difficult situations. Where are you saying “Yes” when you want to say “no” or vice versa? What situations are happening around you that cause you to feel uncomfortable? What are your boundaries there? What will you accept and what will you no longer tolerate?
Under the third column, think about the ways you would do things differently in your own life. Look at the way you want to be, not the way you think you should be. Have you been living someone else’s life instead of your own? What would you change and how would you live differently?

As you face these choices and these changes, remember that Mother Goddess is always there to hold you in Her loving embrace. And Trust the Invisible.

Council of Elders Amulet Reading

Council of Elders


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