Reading 1

To ensure anonymity I will be referring to the readings by number. The individual requesting the reading will be notified privately of their number.

Tonight, I will share with you Reading 1.

Night star – wish fulfilment

Eyes – seeing what is there

Cow – partnerships, relationships

Sprouting seed – new situations just coming up

Temple – balance,  a new opportunity, a new life path

The Nightstar is telling you to make your wishes, whether through prayer or meditation or wishing upon a star. The energies of the Universe are available to you now. Use them.

The Eyes come next to tell you in part to be careful what it is you wish for. Remember the adage: Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it. Open your eyes to see what is there and what isn’t there. Live in stillness for a short while, just watching doing nothing.  Focus on your intent, know what it is you truly want, then make your wish.

Third of the Goddess Amulets is The Cow.  Sometimes this can indicate a business partnership, but I sense this is more personal,  a spouse or partner.  She is here to remind you that your wish is not being made alone. You need to involve your partner in the wish-making process. It is not your wish individually; it belongs to both of you.

Sprouting Seeds come now to tell you that while you may not be aware of it, the seeds of this wish have already been put into the ground. While you may not be able to see them, they are just beginning to sprout and manifest changes in your life leading you to the wish you will be making.

Finally, The Temple is here to tell you that a new opportunity and a new life path will be presenting itself to you. You have gone through a major time of healing and you are ready to move through the doorway onto a new path.

I don’t get a sense on where this will be leading you, but I do think this will be a major change in your life direction from where you had been heading.


2 thoughts on “Reading 1

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  2. Most of these readings are almost spot on. Is there a reading that is directed for a person/me? or some of them. Some readings are similar, but not exactly. Thank you.

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