Where am I heading a general reading

1. The first amulet drawn is the Hand with Seeds, a gentle reminder to accept responsibility for who I am and where I am in my life at the moment.
I have the seeds, the tools, I need to get where I want to be in life. In order for them to grow however, they must be planted and nurtured.

It’s time to start take the first steps.

2. Next in the council of elders is the Dancing Bird Goddess.

Rewards are coming. Dance the dance of ecstasy into your own life. Energies around you may be heightened (this is very true, they are). Channel this energy wisely.

The suggestion is to consult the animal amulets to find an animal guide to help me in determining how to channel this energy. Leading to the next amulet on the Council of Elders.

3. The Sow tells me that to find how to channel this energy I need to listen. Dig down, root around, and really listen. Listen actively to what is being said, and listen with my psychic ear to what is not being said.

Find words that reflect my intention. Listen to my own language and how I use words to describe myself.

4. The fourth amulet on the Council of Elders is the Sprouting Seed. It’s a time of new beginnings.

Take the information I gain from listening and determine what it is that I am hearing which needs to be nurtured to continue growing, and what needs to be weeded from my life. Focus on becoming rooted and balanced within my life.

This could also be an indication that I am entering a new stage in my life. Signs of which are already becoming visible to me.

5. In the midst of all these serious new beginnings and nurturing new beginnings, the Dolphin reminds me to take the time to have fun, to celebrate, and to have fun. Dance, play, and laugh as you move through life.


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