Next weekend will be the Pagan Sabbat of Lughnasadh, sometimes called Lammas.

This is the first of the 3 harvest Sabbats in the Pagan belief systems. If, as with many people today, you don’t live on a farm and don’t have to worry about bringing in the grain harvest for Lughnasadh, there are still other ways you can celebrate this Sabbat season.

Bake some bread.

Make a donation to a food bank.

Invite friends and family round for a Sabbat feast. I’ve provided some ideas of what to serve at Foods for Lughnasadh

Look back at those things which you have set in motion at the beginning of the year, are they nearing completion, ready for harvest? What have you done this year that has reaped something of benefit for yourself or those around you? If your projects have not succeeded, then look to find out why. Just like a farmer will look to the seeds, the soil, and the weather to determine why his crop did not succeed as well as he wished.

Do projects need more time to come to fruition? Then give them the time they need and review again at the next Sabbat.


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