Amulet of the Day – Willendorf Goddess


willendorf goddessThe Willendorf Goddess is a small sculpture, only a few inches in length and carved in limestone. She was discovered in 1908 near Willendorf, Austria and at nearly 30,000 years of age is the oldest sculpture of the human form ever found.

This is the Great Earth mother and she has come to you to give you comfort and to remind you that you are connected to all in existence because you are here and you are alive.

If you are feeling alone or disconnected it is because you have forgotten this. It’s time to re-affirm your connection to the Earth. It’s time to return to the Source of your being. Stop focusing on other people, what “others” have, what “others” are doing and focus instead on your own bounty in life, concentrate on where you belong instead of where you don’t.

You may be spending time comparing yourself negatively to others, this will always lead to isolation and loneliness.

Feel the connection you have with Mother Earth and know that you belong.


3 thoughts on “Amulet of the Day – Willendorf Goddess

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