Where should my Mystical Focus be now

I have asked the Amulets – Where should my Mystical focus be now. I have been looking at different areas and actually am feeling just a bit pulled in different directions.

There’s my focus on the Amulets. My focus on Paganism and witchcraft. My focus on Reiki and energy healing.Where does it need to be?

These are the 5 Amulets which were drawn for this question.

Nile River Goddess

She is telling me to look at what I have accomplished thus far and to celebrate my successes there.

I have created blogs on 2 of these focus areas. Each is slowly pulling in a following.

Willendorf Goddess

This ancient Mother Goddess tells me that my focus is needed in each other these areas. I have things to share and much to teach people. She also reminds me of the interconnectedness of each of these areas.


I am on the verge of making a big step in my life. I am standing at the threshold. I need to find the balance between each part of who I am and pull them together again. I am the part of something much bigger than myself alone.


Ask the questions that need to be asked. What would happen if…? Why? I am questions the path I am on. Let each question generate new questions and follow them where they might lead.


The sense I am getting here is not that of anger put passion. Let my passion for these subjects shine through.

So – where should my focus lie? Where it is now. It is right and good that I am focusing on these areas individually, but I also need to work on pulling them together and integrating them as each is connected to the others. Instil my own passion for these topics into my writing, and ask the questions that need to be asked to guide me to where I need to be.


I enjoy reading your responses, so please let me know what you think.

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