Amulet reading using the Council of Elders

What does a young mother need to know for her children?



Willendorf Goddess


Joy and Celebration

Sacred Creativity

Wisdom of the Darkness

Wisdom of the Darkness

The Ewe – Self-worth

It’s time to acknowledge the value of all you have accomplished. You do not have to prove your worthiness.

Willendorf Goddess – Belonging

Have you been feeling disconnected from the world? The Willendorf Goddess is here to remind you that you belong. You have a place and a purpose. Focus on what you have accomplished without comparing yours

elf to others.

Dolphin – Joy/Celebration

Good things are happening in your life. Take the time to rejoice and celebrate. It’s time to play. Find the place of laughter in your heart. There is great healing in laughter without purpose.

Spider – Sacred Creativity

The creativity and sacred dimensions you are seeking are already within you. Even the act of making a cup of tea can be a sacred act if you focus your intent and remain present “in the moment”.

Owl – Wisdom of the Darkness

Changes are coming into your life. They can’t be seen yet, but trust the Owl to lead you through to the other side. Trust your intuition. Step back from situations if you need before making decisions.

Most notable in this layout is the presence of 4 animal amulets. Do you find yourself being drawn to one? Use this time to learn more about that animal. Focus on the animal and listen to what it has to tell you.

I see in these amulets an urge to explore your creative urges. Where this will lead can’t be seen, but trust the Owl to lead you. While you are exploring remember to celebrate and be in the joy of “now” – that is where you will find your own sacred creative self. Doubts come from comparing yourself to others instead of knowing that you have self worth and that you belong.


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