Energy Raising

Nearly everyone has experienced the thrill that can come from the raising of energy. You can feel this feeling at musical concerts, in religious ceremonies, while dancing, and anywhere where people gather for a common purpose.

Energy Raising Through Dance

Energy raising can be done for a variety of purposes. Magical and mundane. If you’ve been to a concert or other event where people are charged with excitement you have felt the energy created from being a part of something bigger than yourself and those around you.

Have you ever wondered what could be accomplished if someone could just bottle that enthusiasm and energy? If they could direct it towards a common goal? This is exactly what is done during spellcasting. That energy raised is contained and directed towards a specific goal, then let loose all at once to bring the goal to fruition.

The same effect is seen with prayer in religious practices. Individuals, singly or in a group, joining together, raising energy through the act of making their appeal to Deity.

It truly is magical.

Energy hand

Energy Filled Hand


One thought on “Energy Raising

  1. As I’m becoming more in tune with the energy within myself and the energies of the people around me, your explanation of energy raising makes so much sense. Whether people realize it or not, they have experienced the raising of energy in one form or another. I like your analogy of the feeling at a musical concert or even dancing because people can relate to that. Looking forward to more of your posts, Nan.

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