Amulet of the Day – Sheela-na-gig

Honouring Choices

sheela-na-gig goddessThe Sheela-na-gig, and images like her have been found in the British Isles, Greece, India, and Japan. This one in particular is a carving which forms one of the corbel supports for the Church of St Mary and St David in Kilpeck, Hertfordshire, England.The earliest parts of this church date back to the Saxon period.

It has been speculated that many European churches were built upon earlier Pagan temple sites and that images such as this were included in the architecture as a way of incorporating the earlier belief systems and drawing in the pre-Christian worshippers.

In most of Celtic Britain the Sheela images were placed above church doorways. At present there are over 70 known Sheelas in Ireland and 23 in Great Britain.

When you make choices for yourself, you set yourself on a profound road of becoming and knowing who you are. The Sheela-na-gig appears to tell you to honor those choices you have regarding the issue at hand. In all decisions, there are always choices. Even in not making a decision, a decision has been made.

Make a list of your choices in the matter. Write them down. Examine them. Get to know what they are. These are your opportunities.

Ask yourself:

Which choices are essential and appropriate to where you are now and where you want to go?

Which choices address the question you are asking?

Which choices can be postponed or negotiated, and which cannot?

And ultimately, which choice is a reflection of my truth?

The path to wholeness is always being built. You are choosing and creating your life path with every step you take.

The Sheela-na-gig also reminds you that in every choice there is a state of ambiguity just before the decision is made. Learn to stand comfortably in that state – it will help you to not rush in making decisions. Only then, can your decisions come from your heart and with your best interests in mind.


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