Amulet of the Day – Dancing Bird Goddess


dancing bird goddessImages with this anthropomorphic blending of human and bird have been found from the early Paleolithic period through to modern cultures. Many can be found as well holding a snake. This image in particular was taken from a 3,000 year old Minoan seal.

Ecstasy is an experience of wholeness and oneness with all. It is a disconnection from daily, routine activities in order to receive information from a divine source.

It is very often a shamanic state which includes a “flight” to the spirit world. This can be triggered by drumming, dancing, fever, chanting, drugs, and near-death experiences.

When the Dancing Bird Goddess appears in a reading, it is a reminder that your soul-searching and arduous life will bring a reward. This will not be easy. Your daily identity may be cracking and falling away, allowing your true self to push to the surface. As you surrender to these changes, your true self will be revealed like a Phoenix rising from the ashes.

Look at what is changing in your life right now. What do you envision being born from this shamanic healing experience? If you need guidance, look to your animal and spirit guides for help. You can channel these powerful energies in healthy healing ways.


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