Amulet of the Day – Gorgon Goddess

Transforming Anger; Reclaiming Power

gorgon goddessThe most recognised Gordon is the Greek Medusa, slain by Perseus. She was the frightful hag with snakes for hair who could turn men to stone with a look. Aspects of Her can also be seen in the Hindu Kali.

This particular image is of a Gorgon mask found at the Temple of Artemis on Corfu. It is about 2,600 years old.

The Gorgon sits on the Council of Elders to tell you that it’s time to allow yourself to feel anger and rage. More than that though, she is telling you to look closely at how you Dance with Anger.

Are you hiding your anger? Are you masking it away? Are you denying your instinctual gut feelings?

It is time to reclaim your power. Time to use your anger to reshape your life instead of allowing it to use you.

The first step is allowing yourself to physically feel anger. Identifying how it physically feels when it first appears. This is not a time for intellectual analysis. When you find yourself becoming angry, stop and breathe into the places where you feel the anger growing. Allow yourself to just be in your body and let your energies and your breath flow with the anger.

When you are fully within your body you will be able to manage your anger wisely, instead of lashing out. You will be able to tackle the cause of your anger more effectively.You will be able to reclaim your power instead of giving it away.


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