Amulet of the Day – Triple Spiral

Barriers, Boundaries, and Possibilities

triple spiralI think of all the amulets, this is one of my favourites. Both for its meaning and for its design. I have always been attracted to spiral patterns and the triple spiral pattern here is especially appealing to my aesthetic sense.

This particular spiral design comes from a megalithic stone found in Newgrange, County Meath, Ireland. The stone faces out eastward fro the interior of an earthen mound. At sunrise on the winter solstice the shining sun comes streaming between the stones and lights up this spiral pattern.

When the Triple Spiral appears in a reading, it is telling you that a three part action is needed to resolve the situation you have found yourself in.

When you are unable to see your way out, follow the triple spiral path.

Name barriers.

Make a list of the obstacles you are facing. The first step in solving a problem is to identify what, exactly, the problem is. If necessary, draw another amulet to help with clarifying what the obstacles are that you are facing.

Claim healthy boundaries.

Set your limits and stand firm when others push against those boundaries. Be a firm parent on your own behalf. Say “No” when you have to.

Create possibilities.

Once you have identified the problems and obstacles you are facing and set the boundaries on what you will and will not accept, then the next step is to determine what it is that you can do. Listen to your own internal voice, not the voices of others distracting you from your own path.

Remember, the spiral path is not two-dimensional. There are more choices available to you than either/or. Don’t limit the scope of your potential.


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