Amulet of the Day – Cow

Uniting in Partnership

cowThe image seen on this amulet comes from the ancient city of Catal Huyuk, located in modern Turkey. This now buried city is one of the oldest ever found. Images of cows are found frequently in this ancient place.

The cow symbolises the Great Mother in many cultures. In Ireland she is Glas Gavlen. In Egypt she is Hathor. Etruscans called her Lat. Arabs knew her as AL-Lat. The Greeks called her Io.

The word cow originates with the Sanskrit gau and the Egyptian kau.

When received the Cow Amulet indicates that a partnership is under way. We are social beings and partnerships in their many variations are something we need.These can be social partnerships, business partnerships, family partnerships, romantic partnerships. The variations are endless.

If this partnership is unhealthy for you, if it is re-enacting familiar scenes from the past, then examine your role in the partnership. By breaking the patterns you can transform your future.

If the partnership is healthy, let it enrich and nourish you. Build upon it.

Communicate from the heart with honesty and integrity. Remember – you are not an actor performing in someone else’s play.


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