Amulet of the Day – The Dreaming Goddess

Intuitive Inspiration

dreaming goddessMany temples and tombs can be found on the Mediterranean island of Malta which are thought to have been healing centres during Neolithic times. These sites are over 6,000 years old, some older than Stonehenge. Within these temples alcoves, niches, and altars have been found filled with sculptures, pottery and figurines.

The Dreaming Goddess was a sculpture found in one of the underground temples on Malta.

When the Dreaming Goddess appears in a reading it is an indication that now is not a time for action. She is telling you that now is a time to seek counselĀ  and inspiration from your dreams, including daydreams. It’s a time to connect with your subconscious and gather visions on what you know in your heart but have forgotten or ignored.

She reminds you that answers cannot always be found through logic or reasoning. This can lead to obsessive thinking.

There is nothing wrong with feeling confusion in making a decision or before taking action. Confusion is there for a reason – it is telling you that your heart, mind, and body are in disagreement.

Look to your dreams and your intuitive ramblings. When you least expect it, an answer will appear, possibly in the guise of symbolism and metaphor. These are the language of dreams.


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