Amulet of the Day – Sprouting Seeds

New Beginnings

New growthThe image seen on this amulet comes from a Cretan seal, once used to press images into wet clay or wax. It is approximately 4,000 years old.  This particular seal may have been used as part of the agricultural and trade business.

The Sprouting Seed indicates that a tender and vulnerable situation may be at hand, the beginning of something new.

You’ve planted your seeds, and given them a healthy environment in which to grow. They are now growing and unfolding in the love and care you have provided. At this time balance is important. Focus on rootedness. Establish your foundations so that they can be built upon.

This is a time to review goals and expectations. Get rid of that which is not relevant to you any more. Thin out those sprouting seeds you don’t want to grow. Get rid of the weeds.

For that which you do leave to grow, trust in the mystery that underlies. A plant cannot grow if you are constantly pulling it up to look at the roots.


2 thoughts on “Amulet of the Day – Sprouting Seeds

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