Amulet of the Day – Sow


sowIn some parts of the world during the early Neolithic period the Sow was revered as a Goddess. Her ability to fatten quickly and produce many offspring have strong fertility and harvest associations.

This particular image comes from a clay mask from Macedonia. It is around 6,500 years old.

The Sow amulet comes to tell you it is time to Listen, root around, get your nose into the ground and dig. Sometimes, the things we don’t want to hear hold the most healing power.

Open your inner ear and listen as well to what isn’t being said. If you’re feeling confused by “double messages” focusing on what hasn’t been spoken can help to clarify the situation.

If your mind has been clouded by words that cut you down, insult you, or block new growth it’s time to sort through the mess, stir up the dirt, and get to the truth  in the fertile soil underneath.

Listen carefully to your own language and how you use words to describe yourself. What are you hearing? What do other people hear you saying?


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