An Amulet Reading

There are different ways of reading the Amulets, using 1, 5, or 7 amulets.

Most often I do a drawing using 5 amulets, putting them before me in a semi-circle like a Council of Elders.

I’ve drawn 5 out now to do a sample reading.

Moon time

Moon time


Protecting good fortune


Wisdom of the Darkness



Willendorf Goddess


Taken as a whole they can give you a good bit of insight and advice, sometimes not the advice you wanted to hear mind you, but good advice none the less.

The Laussel Goddess is reminding you to slow down and take your time, listen to the cycles of your body and the world around you. Look at how your own moods and energy levels are affected by the cycles of the moon.

The Cat is telling you to protect the good things in your life. She is also the bearer of good fortune. You’ve worked hard to get where you are, you’ve earned your good fortunes.Gather around you those people who are happy and supportive of the good in your life, keep close those who can sustain you with encouragement and enthusiasm.

The Owl tells you that these are people you might meet in unusual circumstances , in darkness or unseen. To me, this indicates friends who have never met face to face. Friendships forged through internet connections. Owl will guide you in where you need to go to find these connections.

The Ewe says it’s time to toot your own horn, time to emphasize and encourage the value of your own accomplishments and talents. Your influences and actions have an effect on your environment. If you feel unworthy, who are you deferring your power to? If you think someone else is “better” or more talented, look at it. Practice this very powerful mantra: I AM!

Find your own creative way by listening to your inner voice.

Finally, The Willendorf Goddess tells you that you belong. She has come to tell you that your presence counts. You are important. Take your eyes off “others” and focus on your own bounty, your own good fortunes, your own talents. Avoid comparing yourself with others which will always lead to isolation and loneliness.

Taken all together:

All things in life moves in cycles. As good things and good fortunes come to you, protect them. Gather people near to you in your life who will help you in this. One area where you can do this is through networking via the internet (friends unseen). As you gather people close, learn from them but do not judge yourself by their actions or compare yourself to them. You belong just as surely as any other person, with your own talents and your own skills to offer.


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