Amulet of the day: Temple

Breakthrough, Awakening, Healing

 templeSome of the oldest megalithic temples dedicated to Goddesses can be found on the Mediterranean island of Malta. The image on this amulet is from a temple entranceway at Hagar Qim on Malta. These entrance stones were covered with spiral patterns found on other megalithic gateways elsewhere in Europe. They measure up to five by four yards in size.

The Temple Amulet indicates that you are about to take a big step in your life. A change has brought you to a critical place. An emotional crisis, an upset or accident. Something has happened that has had a profound effect on your life, whether that me a current event or a memory of a past event resurfacing.

This is the time to focus your energies on taking care of yourself. Practice being “inside” your body. Deal with any physical health issues. Pamper yourself with massage and quiet walks in nature. Take a bath, eat slowly, meditate – whatever you can do that will help you to experience and be aware of actually being inside yourself.

The Temple can also represent balance and the union of opposites. It’s a reminder to find balance within your own life as you walk down the center between the stone pillars. Avoid extremes.

Your own healing crisis is awakening you to your responsibilities for  and connections with others. Use the Temple to help you focus your energies.


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